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(Almost?) Grain free, gluten free, sugar free Wild Blueberry and Lemon Custard Pie

This pie is the result of a culinary mishap. You see, I was trying out a recipe for grain-free crescent rolls, but the dough was too sticky. Instead of throwing it out, I pressed it into a pie pan and waited to see what would happen. The resulting pie crust was simply magic.

Now I added the word “almost” in front of “grain free” in the title only because I recently learned there is a bit of corn starch in the sugar free pudding mix I used. It’s not much– less than a tablespoon for the whole recipe. I have friends who make exceptions for corn in their diets (I do– I seriously couldn’t give up popcorn if I tried), but if you don’t, let me know if you come up with an alternative for this recipe. I suppose the crust could support a cheesecake using similar ingredients if you aren’t willing to allot for the small amount of corn starch.


Wild Blueberry and Lemon Custard Cream Pie
Crust Ingredients:
·      1  cup almond flour
·      2 T coconut flour
·      ¼ tsp. salt
·      ¼ tsp. xanthan gum
·      2 T sweetener (I used Ideal)
·      3 T butter, softened
·      1 T coconut oil, melted
·      ¼ tsp. baking soda
·      ½ tsp. baking powder
·      1 egg white
Filling Ingredients:
·      4 oz. cream cheese, softened
·      1/2 cup sour cream
·      2 eggs, slightly beaten
·      1 box cook and serve sugar-free vanilla pudding
·      1 T lemon zest
·      ½ tsp. lemon extract
·      ½ cup xylitol (or sweetener of choice)
·      1 cup frozen wild Maine blueberries
1.    Preheat the oven to 325.
2.    In large mixing bowl, mix together all of the ingredients for the crust. (Yes, you can do this all at once.)
3.    Press the crust mix into an 8 or 9 inch pie or tart pan, up the sides as well. Bake for about 7 minutes or until it’s set but not brown. If it puffs up a lot, use your fingers to push it down a bit.
4.    In large mixing bowl, beat together cream cheese, sour cream, xylitol, lemon zest and lemon extract.
5.    Beat in eggs and pudding mix. Scrape sides of the bowl if necessary, beat for about 30 seconds on medium speed or until smooth.
6.    Mix in blueberries by hand.
7.    Bake at 325 for approximately 25 minutes or until just set. It should look very slightly jiggly in the middle.
8.    Allow to cool at room temperature for about an hour. This can be served warm, or if you prefer, you may refrigerate it and serve it cold.
Makes 8 servings—250 calories, 7.5 net carbs, 3 g fiber per serving.

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Eating healthy, for me, is about more than weight loss like it used to be. It’s about controlling my blood sugar levels and obtaining normal–or relatively normal–hormone levels. I still struggle to lose weight efficiently, but eating a wheat, sugar and gluten free diet helps to control some of the problems I’ve encountered with these health issues of mine.

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